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How do you honestly forgive? What does true reconciliation look like? I thought I knew the meaning of these actions until I saw it before my eyes in Rwanda Africa. As I learned about the Rwandan genocide and witnessed Hutu and Tutsi men and women reconciling with one another, my heart was both broken and healed. Being moved by the power of forgiveness I longed to see similar long overdue healing take place in our own nation.

I believe America remains bound by the chains of pain, separation and superiority. While there is the idea of equality, are we discussing forgiveness and the power of unity? My desire is to embrace something beyond equality, namely; a conversation centered on confronting the pain of the past and taking action to reconcile our future together. Out of my desire for such a community I drew a series of charcoal art pieces that for me, reflect a process of racial reconciliation. I invite you to join me in this process.

Please e-mail if you are interested in using the prints for an event or interested in purchasing prints of all or a part of the Reconciliation series
Yokes and ChainsThe CallThe ActBeloved CommunityCivil rights activist John M Perkins with me on the day of my exhibit premier